Alexander Thibedeaux

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Harley Herrin

Name - Alexander Thibedeaux

Clan - Mekhet

Covenant - Carthian Movement (Carthian Status x4)

Age - Unknown - Either a Neonate or a very canny Elder

Location - Phoenix, Arizona

Known Information - A dedicated, if sometimes unorthodox and frustrated member of the Carthian Movement, Alexander has been seen in the company of a number of Acolytes and has openly called himself a member of the Chrous. Recently he has been heard taking something more of an interest in occult matters, particularly of a Voudoun variety.

His reputation is one of violence and cleverness; for example he's been three times bloodhunted and has outlived all three calls for his death, while some of those hunting him have not.

Those familiar with both Thibedeaux and Sebastian Belmont have noticed a similarity between the red diamond on Belmont's right pinkie and a red diamond in Thibedeaux's left ear. The only other notable feature is a tattoo Alex conceals on his upper left arm, which quick glances have revealed to be a family crest with some sort of serpent on it, though the entire crest has not been seen by many.

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